How low can you go?

Published:  14 September, 2021

Garages that are not set up to service lowered cars could be missing out on a major potential income stream, with interest in lowered car alignment racing ahead across the sector according to Absolute Alignment.

Absolute Alignment Technical Director Chris Dear commented: “Although Absolute Alignment is a seller of wheel alignment equipment and not an alignment workshop, many visits to the Absolute Alignment web pages are from people looking for wheel alignment services – and the fastest growing search is for ‘lowered car alignment’, up 40% this July.

“Having blogged before about how owners of Absolute Alignment equipment can satisfy the need for lowered, sports and performance car alignment, there is an in-built spoiler programme on the Bluetooth Pro aligner, and the 3D product is able to take on this challenge from the very beginning.”

This kind of coverage is far from universal however: “Many wheel alignment machines cannot cope with modified cars at all, which leaves frustrated owners and a wasted business opportunity,” Chris observed.

He added: “Owners of modified, lowered and performance vehicles traditionally spend big money on their cars, and the margins for workshops are enticing. Experience suggests that this is a sector which would be worth targeting in your local area and even beyond. It is a very real USP that could bring you further long-term business as on the whole modified car owners are active on internet forums and good news spreads fast. Speak to your website provider about adding a page on lowered and performance cars, visit local car shows with your business card or add a ‘lowered cars a speciality’ tagline on all your current advertising. It need not cost much and the results could be surprising.”

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