Powerful new Tesla battery unveiled by Panasonic

Published:  05 November, 2021

The issue of EV range anxiety could become less pronounced for some owners going forward, with Panasonic recently announcing it has developed a new battery prototype for Tesla cars that has five times the capacity of current examples.

The new battery, revealed at a media roundtable as reported by Automotive News, will also cost half as much to make, and could lead to Panasonic being able to increase battery production 100 times over by 2030. Panasonic has dubbed the new battery format the 4680, as it is 46 mm and 80 mm tall.

Vice-President of Industrial Solutions at Panasonic Kazuo Tadanobu said: "We have developed this because of the strong desire of the other party, and we think this can only lead to stronger ties."

Tesla is looking to use lithium-iron-phosphate batteries for its Standard Range models going forward, but Panasonic has said it has no intention of producing these.

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