Lucky for some: 13 more dealer groups join as bookings surge

Published:  19 November, 2021

Servicing and repairs arranged by motorists via increased by 34% in October. Meanwhile, its SecretService franchise programme Q3 bookings grew by 238%. In parallel, 13 more dealer groups signed up to the comparison platform. This equates to another 221 sites joining, and means more than 1,000 dealers are on the platform.

Karen Rotberg, Co-Founder of, commented, “Heading into this year, many dealers were concerned about reduced new car sales and the lingering knock-on effects of the MOT extension. With dealers now more reliant than ever on aftersales, this may explain the influx of new business partners we’ve experienced, as dealers looked for innovative ways to get ahead.

“Through our SecretService offering, we are able to provide dealers with profitable workshop bookings from sectors 2 and 3 of the vehicle parc, which would usually be serviced by the fast-fits and independent sector.”

She added: “With volumes increasing by nearly 250% across the summer, the new arrivals and existing partners have benefitted greatly from conquest bookings that would otherwise be lost from the dealer network.”

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