Ben unleashes the Beast

Published:  11 January, 2022

Ben has launched a new Iron Man-like event for summer 2022; Beast of Ben. This will see four-person teams from different automotive companies going head-to-head in a series of challenges that include abseiling, water crossing, navigation and problem solving and more.

The registration fee is £250 per person which contributes towards the team’s fundraising target, expected to be in excess of £5,000 per team.

Matt Wigginton, Director of Partnerships, Engagement and Income, said: “The Beast of Ben will be a fast and fun challenge that will be unlike any other physical endurance event people may have competed in before, testing both mental strength and physical agility. We can’t wait to see which company will be the first to become Beast of Ben champions.”

The event will take place in North Wales from 6-8 July 2022. To find out more, visit:

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