Car servicing to take a hit due to cost of living crisis?

Published:  06 April, 2022

Motorists could be looking to save money in the face of the cost of living crisis by cutting back on essential vehicle maintenance and repairs, an online Opinion Matters poll of more than 2,000 UK car owners commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman has shown.

87% of those surveyed said they are very concerned about the high price of petrol and diesel, on top of all of the other rising prices. While 29% of those questioned are covered by a service plan, of the 71% majority without such a plan in place, 56% intend to skip or delay their car’s annual service. 33% declared they would not send their car in to a garage at all this year, while 23% will play the waiting game, and delay it beyond the recommended interval.

Perhaps more positively, the poll found that 60% of car owners understand the importance of servicing, Meanwhile, 35% knew that having a service history improved the resale value of a car.

68% also said they were looking to make savings this year by reducing overall motoring-related spending. Popular measures include driving less, driving more conservatively to save fuel, and shopping around for car insurance.

Commenting on the findings, Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of the Motor Ombudsman, said: “April has seen a coming together of several cost of living increases, which have unfortunately hit the wallets of consumers all at the same time. It’s therefore inevitable that something has to give, and our study has shown that servicing and vehicle maintenance is being seen as less of a priority. This is of course concerning – not following the vehicle manufacturer’s servicing schedule, and not taking their car to a garage to be looked at by a professional in the event of any mechanical problems is essentially compromising the safety and value of the vehicle.”

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