Liverpool garage shares secret of its success

Published:  26 April, 2022

A Liverpool garage has been enjoying new levels of success recently with slots now booked up to six weeks ahead of time, when previously their ramps were filled three to four days in advance.

According to the owner of Merseyside-based Sarbkar NW, Tony Standish, the growth seen over the last 12 months is the result of investing in a new website. He said: “In the last 33 years I’ve made a lot of decisions and, without doubt, getting a proper website is in the top three of the best I’ve ever made. I was very reluctant at first, I didn’t think we needed one. We’ve always been busy but I now see we were busy with the less desirable work.

“Within two weeks of our site going live, the phone started ringing. It was unbelievable. I don’t need to advertise at all now. All our enquiries come from the website in one way or another, whether through the email, telephone or customers sharing the website to recommend us.”

The garage now has more “clean” work as Tony coins it. The website is designed to be found by local customers looking for more profitable jobs, such as servicing, and less for the “bitty” work that takes more labour time for less money.

He continued: “Turnover has trebled in the last year even though we’re still open the same hours. I’ve taken on two new mechanics and it’s not slowing down.
“When the website went live, the difference it made was almost instant; better than anything I could have dreamt of. Just this morning, we’ve had four calls and they always turn into repeat business.

“Customer trust and recommendation is a big thing and the website is brilliant at showcasing this. Previously, we had 20 Google reviews. There’s now over 260 and it’s the second most important thing the website does for us. Showing potential customers we’re the local garage of choice is crucial. Everyone wants to be confident in the garage they choose.”

Sarbkar NW’s website was set up by Garage Services Online. M.D Jim Lang said: “When we started working with Tony just over a year ago, we knew what a difference we could make, even to a well-established busy garage.

“Garage owners often think getting a website will take up too much time and is expensive – when actually the opposite is true. I think the two hours Tony spent talking to us a year ago was, in the long run, the most profitable two hours he’s ever worked.”

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