Classic car environmental impact trounces modern vehicles

Published:  22 June, 2022

Classic cars are far less harmful to the environment than newer vehicles, with a modern EV generating as much carbon just in production as a classic car would across 46 years of its life, a report from Footman James has revealed.

According to the specialist insurer’s Indicator Report, on average a classic emits 563kg of CO2 per year. However, an average modern passenger internal combustion engine car has a 6.8-tonne carbon footprint immediately after being built. Moving over to EVs, the Polestar 2 may create as much as 26 tonnes of CO2 just on production process alone - an amount that would take many classic cars 46 years to reach.

On attitudes, the report found that 66% of Footman James’ audience are already environmentally conscious, with 52% of those questioned being open to carbon offsetting schemes to reduce their classic cars’ impact on the environment.

Managing Director of Footman James, David Bond explained: “It’s easy for one to assume that classic cars are more damaging simply because of their older and less efficient engines, however, the data in this report disproves that theory. It’s really about how these vehicles are maintained and used.”

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