Maverick Diagnostics launch world’s first aftermarket Tesla tool

Published:  15 July, 2022

Hot on the heels of opening its Automotive Training Academy dedicated to EV and hybrid training in Wrexham earlier this week, Maverick Diagnostics has revealed it is about to launch what it says is a world-first; An aftermarket Tesla diagnostic tool.

The device, which is set to become available in the next few months, has been developed by the company with a view to helping garages take advantage of the growing number of Tesla vehicles hitting the road.

Maverick Diagnostics M.D Andy Brooke commented: “This is exclusively our product and it works on all models. It gives you full diagnostic access and programming and it's able to switch on all the different factory option modes at no extra cost. It also links into some of the Tesla data on the cloud. We're going to market it worldwide.”

Broader world events have also affected the roll-out of the new tool: “It was designed by a team in Ukraine, in Kharkiv. We started to work with them and then the war happened, but we are still working with them.”

When it comes to the Tesla brand, Andy believes garages need to change the way they think: “It's important to understand that a Tesla not a car. It's actually a technological concept which is somewhat like a car, but it works in an entirely different way. This makes the training we'revery, very important for these vehicles. The market's not huge here for Tesla in the aftermarket yet, but it is building and several garages have already been on the training.”

Andy added: “This is utterly unique. We will be selling it all over the world.”

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