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Published:  23 September, 2022

Schaeffler Territory Manager Mike Hansford has been reflecting on what makes for the best option in steering and suspension. He observed: “The FAG steering and suspension range provides independent workshops looking for premium quality parts with the ideal solution, as the unique features, plus the fit and finish, ensure a best-in-class repair,”

“As a globally recognised OE component and system manufacturer, quality is at the heart of Schaeffler’s philosophy, so naturally our steering and suspension range reflects this approach. Everyone who’s come into contact with the programme has been impressed by it and, as a safety critical part, that’s an important endorsement. In common with many sectors of the aftermarket, steering and suspension is an extremely competitive product group, so workshops have many options to choose from. However, the choice is much smaller at the genuine OE quality end of the market, where naturally the FAG range sits, and it’s here that we’re seeking more of them to give our products a try, particularly as some lower quality components may require changing more frequently.

“Not only is this bad news from a customer service perspective, as it’s possible that an owner could have the same MOT failure when the car is tested a year later, but it’s also potentially life-threatening, so we believe it’s worth spending a little more to ensure the repair is to the highest possible standard. FAG is the ideal solution for bodyshops or those working on newer vehicles, where maintaining OE levels of quality and reliability are a requirement.”

Key applications
On the specifics, Mike noted: “Designed for all key applications in the UK car parc, the range follows Schaeffler’s philosophy of providing installers with a complete repair solution, which means that every reference comes complete with all the ancillaries – nuts, bolts, washers and clips etc. – so technicians can complete a safe and professional repair from the contents of just one box, with no hunting round or waiting for missing parts to arrive. Some of the other unique features of the range include nitride treated ball pins to maximise longevity and zinc flake coated exterior surfaces to resist corrosion. They are also protected by clear thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) boots with a micro-sealing lip design that adapts perfectly to the ball contour, which means they’re really tough and highly resistant to contamination and mechanical loading, and being clear technicians can see the quality and quantity of the grease we use.”

Mike added: “The FAG range provides the aftermarket with a great alternative to other OE quality products, but with these additional unique technical features and Schaeffler’s unrivalled level of customer service and support, we believe we have a winning package.”

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