IAAF Conference looks at threats to the industry

Autonomous vehicles and consumer awareness key areas

Published:  15 December, 2016

The IAAF Conference this year is running with the theme ‘How to survive and thrive – post Brexit’.

The event opened with Chief Executive Wendy Williamson talking about the challenges ahead, how the industry must be aware of the threats of Brexit, as well as other factors which the aftermarket must be aware of. This includes autonomous vehicles, with videos showing Ford and Volvo working on delivering cars and trucks to roads around the world within years.

Following this, a discussion from Frost & Sullivan on the importance of the aftermarket to the UK automotive industry highlighted how strong the independent sector is, and how it is expected to grow by 3% to 71% of market share by 2022.

Also discussed, the IAAF's Mike Smallbone highlighted how the Right to Chose campaign will be renewed for 2017, with around 72% of consumers unaware that they can have their vehicle serviced outside the dealer network without affecting the warranty. This is something the industry body is looking to push further and raise awareness, to get the UK on par with the rest of Europe, where this figure is far smaller.

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