Buying groups join forces

Published:  02 March, 2015

The Alliance Automotive Group has acquired the United Aftermarket Network (UAN) from the current shareholders Andrew and Rachael Dickinson, creating a combined purchasing power greater than £300 million per annum with member sell out value exceeding £500 million.

Andrew Dickinson commented: "Rachael and I realised that for UAN to continue to progress as it has over the last eleven years, we needed to become part of a larger, European wide organisation. It is our opinion that joining forces with GROUPAUTO will enable this process."

The UAN and GROUPAUTO will continue to operate as separate networks playing to the strengths of the respective brands.

Jim Mazza, current MD of GROUPAUTO, will become Managing Director of Alliance Automotive Group UK trading groups and a Managing Director of GROUPAUTO will be recruited. He comments: "The independent motor factor is faced with a fast-changing market environment with different competitors seeking to position themselves for advantage. We are in a world where size increasingly matters and it is vital that our members are part of a group which has the resources and purchasing power to enable them to compete on a level playing field.

"This initiative is the product of considerable thought and effort as all had to be satisfied that joining forces was in the best interest of the members and employees of the respective groups."

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