Classic time: 10 cars becoming tax and MOT exempt in 2023

Published:  24 January, 2023

A number of venerable vehicles including the Volvo 760, Austin Ambassador and the Reliant Rialto hit 40 years old in 2023, meaning they become VED and MOT exempt.

From most common to rarest, the list consists of the following:

1. BMW 3 Series (E30); 4,000
2. Ford Sierra; 2,500
3. Porsche 944; 2,200
4. VW Polo (Mark 2); 1,600
5. Reliant Rialto; 500
6. Volvo 760; 150
7. Lotus Excel; 130
8. Renault 9; 90
9. Austin Ambassador; 20
10. Talbot Samba; 20

A study performed by in 2021 found that one-in-five classic cars which underwent a voluntary MOT test failed it. The classic marques with the highest MOT failure rates were Dodge, Austin-Morris (BMC), Volkswagen and Land Rover.

Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at, said: “The historic vehicle tax and MOT exemption helps make classic motoring more accessible by reducing costs for owners, and is logical given the majority of these vehicles only cover a small number of miles each year. However, it’s crucial owners make sure their vintage car is free from safety defects whenever it ventures onto public roads – whether that means home mechanics regularly inspecting their car themselves, or, for the less mechanically inclined, taking it to a garage for a health check or a voluntary MOT test.”

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