SMP Europe warns against low-quality/counterfeit EGR valves

Published:  09 March, 2023

Low quality EGR valves should be avoided by garages to prevent long term engine issues being created by accident, SMP Europe has warned, and workshops should be especially careful to avoid counterfeit parts for the same reason.

EGR electronics must be properly calibrated to ensure the vehicle’s ECU receives the correct signal relating to valve angle and opening.

Martin Turner, Marketing Director at SMP Europe, said: "Following significant investment in our engineering capability, from software and machinery to test rigs, we have been able to significantly reduce the costs of tooling and manufacture by bringing many of the processes in house. This efficiency, however, doesn’t infringe on the quality of the end part, with SMP Europe dedicated to delivering the best performing EGR valves available to the aftermarket.”

SMP Europe's range of EGR valves includes 57 references, covering more than 27 million vehicles across the European vehicle parc.

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