Why is air conditioning system servicing so challenging?

Published:  12 May, 2023

Despite the fact that air conditioning (AC) and climate control systems have been a standard feature on the typical car for a number of years, why does AC service still present such a challenge to mainstream workshops?

“Although technicians generally have a sound knowledge of how most vehicle systems – engine, exhaust, thermal (cooling), ignition, transmission, chassis etc. – actually function, the majority don’t have the same level of understanding of the AC system, which is the fundamental problem,” explains DENSO’s AC Product Specialist, Richard Groot. “This lack of knowledge of the basic operating theory means that, in a typical independent workshop anywhere in Europe, AC service is not carried out to the quality that it should be, and why specialist AC businesses have thrived.This is a crazy situation for motorists, who should have confidence that the workshops they use can competently undertake all type of service and repair work on their vehicles, but also means that most workshops are losing out on much needed revenue.”

So, what options do workshops have to turn this problem into revenue stream?

Across Europe, DENSO offers training covering everything from the basic steps of AC service, through to the analysis of compressor failure, which can be accessed through its distribution partners, viewed on YouTube videos or via the online e-Learning training platform.

Equipped with this knowledge, technicians undertaking the work are able to tackle AC service and repair with confidence, which also means that workshops will benefit from extra revenue opportunities and offer a right, first time level of service to their customers.”

For DENSO’s free comprehensive training including A/C, please visit: DENSO Technic

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