Counterfeit plastics lead to Aston Martin recall

UK-based car manufacturer believes over 17,000 vehicles may be affected

Published:  06 February, 2014

Aston Martin has announced a recall of over 17,000 vehicles over fears a counterfeit plastic was used in production of accelerator pedals.

According to a report filed by the company with the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration in the US, one of its Chinese suppliers was found to be using a counterfeit DuPont plastic in the manufacture of accelerator pedals found in vehicles sold in 2007 onwards. While no breakages have been reported, the UK-based vehicle manufacturer is taking the necessary precautions to replace potentially affected parts.

A total of 17,590 cars, 1,553 in the UK, are subject to the recall, including all left-hand drive models built since 2007, and all right-hand drive vehicles built since May 2012. The new Vanquish and Volante models are not subject to the recall however. A company spokesman has confirmed pedal manufacture would now be moved to the UK.

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