Call for drivers to be aware of replica parts

Owners of Saabs and Rovers could be at risk

Published:  26 February, 2014

The Parts Gateway has highlighted the worry of counterfeit parts being an option for drivers of vehicles from defunct manufacturers.

Both Saab and Rover have disappeared over recent years and while both manufacturers may be making minor comebacks, the cars themselves are still on the road around the UK.

While it would have been likely that these vehicles would gradually disappear as drivers became aware of the potential lack of available parts for repair, Saab received 10% more enquiries after the brand declared bankruptcy in 2011, with three-times more shoppers during the 96 hours after the announcement.

There are currently 186,323 Saabs, and 1.14 million Rovers on the UK roads. As these vehicles get older, the demand for parts is beginning to increase, and with this brings the threat of replica or counterfeit parts getting into the supply chain.

James Dickinson, managing director of PartsGateway says: "With replica options far and wide, you never really know what you're getting. Trading Standards reported that the counterfeit car parts industry is worth a staggering £3billion and drivers are unknowingly putting themselves in danger for a cheap fix.

"We want to keep car lovers behind the wheel and we're encouraging Saab and Rover owners to take full advantage of our online search engine for parts for old cars. Drivers just need to type in their registration number, the part they're looking for and the search will generate a list of genuine parts available for the best price. Drivers can reap the rewards in terms of saving money and time."

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