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Aftermarket rises to VM challenge

Published:  16 June, 2014

As an industry we talk a lot about how technology is changing in vehicles, indeed the term technician is more prevalent than mechanic mainly due to the need for electronic systems diagnostics. Yet in an ever changing market, products need to be able to cope with the differences being made.

This subject has come up quite a lot in recent days, from two product groups that perhaps are not such obvious candidates for the need to develop with technology. Having spoken with a number of oil manufacturers for an article in the July issue of Aftermarket, it is clear that as vehicle manufacturers bring in new ideas in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of their engines, oils need to be able to work harder to ensure these engines continue to work. Adding a turbo to a small engine to increase efficiency (BMW currently has no normally aspirated vehicles in its model range) means oils have to do more and quite often with a smaller sump, which saves space under the vehicle.

Filters too are in need of change. A Sogefi conference highlighted the OEM innovations which create challenges for the products in their different guises, through both the impact of advances in technology, fuels and vehicle packaging, which means more difficult installation of filters.

What is clear however is that while most of these technologies are on brand new vehicles, the aftermarket is already exploring and working to develop their products so that when these vehicles come into the workshop, the products are there to be able to service them. This is encouraging, especially for the independents, who are assured of a product line that will not be exclusive to franchised dealers. As vehicle manufacturers continue to develop, the aftermarket works alongside to do the same.


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  • Editor's Comment 

    This is the final newsletter of 2014 and this certainly has been a year of change. Companies have come and gone, technologies and emissions have been in the spotlight and the industry has had to adapt. Yet rather than look back, I'd like to look forward to what next year may bring.

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